A black and white portrait picture of flower artist Nicolai Bergmann


Nicolai Bergmann is one of Japan’s most recognizable foreign artists, whose name is synonymous with contemporary floral design.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Nicolai’s work in Japan has given floristry a new dimension and pushed it further into the fashion and design worlds by using his eye for color, form, balance and detail to collaborate on a range of design projects with some of the world’s most prominent design houses.

Nicolai’s work unites the floral design principals of Europe with Japanese sensitivity to detail and fine craftsmanship, while embodying the confidence of Scandinavian style. The diversity of his clientele demonstrates his range as an artist, as he perfectly translates his client’s image into decorative works of art.

  • Red Rose Deluxe

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    Red Rose DeluxeRed Rose Deluxe
  • Rainbow

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    Haute CoutureHaute Couture
Black boxes containing flower arrangements. Two box arrangement mix green and orange. The other two boxes contain green, red and orange flowers.


We believe beautiful flowers are a luxury and take care to provide you with only the very best – all our items are ‘bespoke’; custom made for you with attention to every detail.

The Nicolai Bergmann Original Flower Box is the company’s signature item which never fails to make an impact. Developed by Nicolai Bergmann in 2000, the product has taken Japan by storm and become a well-loved way of sending flowers. Available in various sizes, the Nicolai Bergmann Original Flower Box is a wonderful choice for those looking for a modern floral gift.


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